Variations by Year

Los Angeles City Directories
The 1883 directory includes Los Angeles County listings on pages 325-468.

The 1915 directory has separate sections for San Pedro on pages 2193-2262 and Wilmington on pages 2263-2278.

The 1917 directory has separate sections for San Pedro on pages 2199-2258 and Wilmington on pages 2259-2272.

The 1918 directory has separate sections for San Pedro on pages 2141-2220 and Wilmington on pages 2221-2234.

The 1921 directory includes listings for San Pedro, Wilmington, Palms, Van Nuys, and Owensmouth.

The 1923 directory includes listings for San Pedro, Wilmington, Sawtelle, Palms, Westgate, and the San Fernando Valley.

Note that some street names are abbreviated. For example, in the 1915 directory, the only abbreviation is for Broadway as Bway. While in the 1929 directory, Bev is Beverly. Bway is Broadway. Bklyn is Brooklyn. Figra is Figueroa. Flnce is Florence. Hwood is Hollywood. Jeff is Jefferson. Mnchstr is Manchester. Nmdie is Normandie. Pas is Pasadena. Sta Bar is Santa Barbara. Vmont is Vermont. Washn is Washington. Westn is Western.

Los Angeles Street-Address Directories
The 1956 directory includes Bell, Bell Gardens, Belvedere, Beverly Hills, City Terrace, Huntington Park, South Gate, South Pasadena, Vernon, Walnut Park, and West Hollywood.

The 1956 and 1960 directories list the streets in a single A-Z alphabet, followed by the numbered streets from 1st to 139th. The numbered avenues from Avenue Sixteen through Avenue Sixty-Seven are filed alphabetically between Avenel Street and Avery Street. The numbered avenues from 1st Avenue to 13th Avenue are interfiled with the numbered streets.

Beginning with the October 1961 directory through 1969, the arrangement changed. According to the preface, "this directory is divided into 14 Sections, which are numbered to correspond with the geographical area numbers shown on the map provided." If you click on the 1961 directory and then change the number in the drop down menus for page to 000b, the map will be displayed. The sections shown on the map are Telephone Exchange Service Areas and do not necessarily correspond to community or post office service areas.

For 1961-1965, there is an alphabetical index of streets on pp. 3-18 of the directories showing in which sections they are located.

For 1967-1968, this index of streets is on pp. 5-20.

For 1969, this index of streets is on pp. 5-19.

Communities included for 1961-1969 are Bell, Bell Gardens, a little of Beverly Hills, Cudahy, Huntington Park, Inglewood, Maywood, Monterey Park, South Gate, and South Pasadena.

In the 1973 and 1987 directories, the arrangement changed back to the format used in 1956, with one difference. The suburban communities included follow the Los Angeles listings at the end of that directory.

For 1973, the listings for Los Angeles streets are on pp. 3-485. Among the other communities included, Bell is on pp. 487-494, Bell Gardens is on pp. 495-497, Beverly Hills is on pp. 498-499, Cudahy is on pp. 501-503, Huntington Park is on pp. 508-523, Inglewood is on pp. 524-529, Maywood is on pp.531-535, South Gate is on pp. 538-554, and South Pasadena is on pp. 555-557.

The 1987 directory has two parts. Part 1 has listings for Los Angeles streets on pp. 2-505, and includes Bell on pp. 506-511, Bell Gardens on pp. 512-513, Cudahy on pp. 514-516, Huntington Park on pp. 518-529, Maywood on pp. 530-533, and South Gate on pp. 534-547. Part 2 is arranged by telephone number. If you are looking for the number 213-485-2121, it is most easily found by doing a search for 213-485-0000. At that point, it will be possible to scroll through the subsequent numbers.

Telephone numbers for the 1956-1961 directories have a 2 letter prefix with 5 digits. For 1962-1965, they are a mixture of numbers with 2 letter prefixes and of 7 digit numbers. From 1967-1973, they are 7 digit numbers. The telephone numbers for 1987 include the 213 area code, with a very few 714 and 818 listings on pages 675-677 of part 2.

It is possible to search by street name such as Wilshire Blvd. However a search for the specific address 3050 Wilshire will not work because the directory may have abbreviated the street name to Wilshr. It may be necessary to do a search for the street spelled out and then to scroll down within those listings to find the exact address. Numbered streets can be searched by number such as Ave 64 or 7th St. The avenues can also be searched by Avenue Sixty-Four.

It is possible to search the street address directories by surname. If the surname is rare, a search by surname alone will be sufficient. For more common names do a search by entering the surname followed by the given name. Many common given names are abbreviated such as Chas for Charles and Edw for Edward.