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Getting Started: Search Tips

"Simple Search" allows for multiple years of any and all directories to be searched simultaneously; "Browse Titles" lets you search one directory at a time. When searching one directory: (1) bring up that directory by clicking on it; (2) click the "Search Object" magnifying glass icon (the 4th from the right); (3) type your keyword(s); (4) click "search." The first page with a hit (match) will come up and you will see your keyword(s) highlighted in yellow. Click the "Next Hit" icon (not the "Next Page" icon) to see the next instance of your keyword in the directory. Be careful with your keywords, because more than one keyword in your search will be viewed as a "phrase" in literal order (so typing "Henry Breer" will not give you a result if the name is listed as "Breer, Henry" in the directory!). Be aware that many abbreviations are used and vary from year to year (so "Charles" could be represented as "Chas," for instance).

Types of Directories
City Directories often provide an individual's address, occupation, spouse's name, and other helpful facts. They were published locally and annually and can often fill in the genealogical blanks between census years. The information within a City Directory is organized alphabetically by a person's name.

Street-Address Directories list individuals by street address rather than by name. This is helpful if you are trying to identify who lived at a certain location at a certain time.